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Graeme holds the Mountaineering Instructors Certificate (M.I.C) the highest level mountaineering award in the UK and is a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI). He is also an International Mountain Leader and has extensive experience mountaineering throughout the world. In addition, Graeme is a sea kayaking coach, raft guide, Swift Water Rescue Technician and is Wilderness Medic trained. All this makes Graeme exceptionally skillful when operating in gorges, rivers, rock faces and mountain tops. Graeme has worked in the Outdoor Industry for over 22 years and has worked in the film and TV industry for over 10 years.

Graeme has qualified with his National Examination Board Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health and is now providing qualified Health and Safety advice to productions who are filming in adventurous locations.




  • NEBOSH Health & Safety Qualification
  • Mountaineering Instructor Certificate
  • International Mountain Leader
  • Mountain Ski Leader
  • Alpine and Snowboard Leader
  • IRATA Level 3 Rope Access Technician
  • Archery Leader Award
  • BAEML Snowshoe Award
  • BCU Level 3 Canoe Coach
  • BCU Level 4 Sea Kayak Coach
  • BCU Level 2 Inland Kayak Coach
  • SRA Level 3 Raft Guide
  • Mountain Bike Leader
  • RYA Powerboat Safety Boat Certificate
  • Snowboard Leader Award
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician Level 1
  • VHF Certificate of Competence
  • Canyon Guide
  • BCU 4* Canoe
  • BCU 4* Inland Kayak
  • BCU 5* Sea Kayak
  • BCU Coaching Processes
  • Wilderness Medic 

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